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Whirlpool 5.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range

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  • Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency you need to prepare holiday meals and everything in between with this 5.1 cu. ft. capacity freestanding gas range. Toasting a large batch of garlic bread or melting cheese on burgers for the whole family is easy with the full-width under-oven broiler, which provides enough space to broil an entire rack of food. Multiple Power™ burners with up to 15,000 BTUs are perfect for high heat tasks like searing and frying, while continuous, satin-finish cast-iron grates let you slide heavy pots and pans to the optimal cooking location. The upswept, porcelain SpillGuard™ cooktop contains spills for easy cleanup. Plus, you can monitor cooking progress without opening the door and disturbing the oven temperature with the large oven window.
    1. SpeedHeat™ Burner
    2. Full-Width Cast-Iron Grates
    3. Large Oven Window
    4. Under-Oven Broiler
    5. 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer® Burner
    6. Adjustable Oven Racks
    7. Clock & Timer
    8. Oven Light
    9. Control Lock
    1. Whirlpool 5.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range
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